Review: Kevin Bridges, Kings Theatre, Southsea
Kevin Bridges

Coarse but kind-hearted; friendly, but with a razor-sharp put-down, Glaswegian Kevin Bridges bridges the north-south divide in hilarious fashion.

Live stand-up can be unpredictable and this show certainly was, with constant audience banter and heckles – many from a large contingent of Kevin’s compatriots.

Kevin Bridges

In fact, one of the funniest lines of the night came from someone in the stalls, supplying the perfect punchline to a scenario Kevin had supplied.

“Well done, sir! The bar has been set and that’s what you must all aspire to,” enthused Kevin.

This is a comic who thrives on interaction with his audience, wherever it takes him.

He can speak with authority about life on the rougher streets of Britain, and ivory-towered politicians and pampered celebrities are firmly in his sights.

He guided the conversation around unemployment, PPI hotlines, football (including Pompey’s woes) and, seemingly anything that took it’s fancy. If there was a script I didn’t notice it.

I love the Glaswegian accent, and Kevin’s delivery is perfect, peppered as it often is with unexpected asides delivered in an impeccably posh English voice.

Kevin also has a great warm-up man in Australian comic Damian Clark, who has a great visual side to his act.

By Alan Cooper

Originally published in the The News.