One to watch in 2013: The Bad Books
The Bad Books

Since their tentative beginnings in 2011, The Bad Books have yet to do the decent thing and commit any recordings – save for a gig bootleg and a couple of low key acoustic numbers – so the chances of randomly stumbling across them on the information superhighway is currently pretty slim.

The Bad Books

That ought to change in 2013 when their debut EP is finally released, and will reflect a building self belief over the course of 2012 which saw them move from relying on the support of pals to headlining their own gigs and backing up Kid Canaveral at a packed Electric Circus. They even struck out of their own town of Edinburgh to play gigs in places like Glasgow and, um, Cupar, so the word is clearly spreading.

So much so that we hope this is the last time it gets mentioned that guitarist Michael Morrison and fiendishly charismatic frontman Graeme Anderson are ex-members of Come On Gang and The Kays Lavelle respectively. Joined by dapper bassist Scott Finnigan and ROCK drummer Andrew Brodie, these guys are carving their own niche and could outstrip the legacy of their associated acts. God knows the tunes are there – there are significant nods to US alt rock acts like Grandaddy and Guided By Voices, with a heavier sound than you’d expect, underpinned by Brodie’s thunderous skin hitting.

Live, they’re something else. Not content with blowing away crowds, big or small, with half a dozen melodic, mangled BIG tunes, the unsettling sight of Anderson prowling through the audience with a megaphone during traditional set closer Victory Lap is a deal maker. Bear in mind this is a band that have probably not even played 20 gigs – to pull off something like that requires incredible confidence, and we think that confidence could take them, very, very far.

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By Stuart Lewis

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