One to watch in 2013: Galoshins

Last year Django Django proved that it was possible to make music that was thrillingly esoteric and make a giant leap into the wider realm of public awareness. The band’s Mercury nomination was only one small part of this success story, and it seems like, after a spate of electro-charged names crowding the pop vanguard, there is now an appetite to see what can become of guitar music in 2013.


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If all goes to plan for them, Galoshins could play a big part in this movement. The Glasgow band have been a furtive presence on the periphery of the Scottish music scene for the past few years, but now they have attracted the attention of local label Armellodie Records and have not one but two EPs due for release next month.

Recorded separately in July 2011 and April 2012, EP1 and EP2 serve as a blistering calling card for a ferocious-yet-focused trio who cram more invention into one song than most chart squatters manage in a whole album.

When he’s not pounding away on the organ, Mark Macphail is the perfect frontman, his frenzied vocals pitching him somewhere between The Hives’ Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist and The Fall’s Mark E. Smith. James Eyland’s guitar lines, meanwhile, alternate between choppy post-punk riffs and off-piste, free-willed exploration – although never straying too far from the coiled rhythms provided by drummer Ruraidh MacLeod and “unofficial fourth member and studio guru” Iain Macduff.

‘Galoshin’ is an old Scots word for ‘trick-or-treating’, and there’s an element of gothic menace to their sound. But, like the aforementioned Django Django, they know exactly how to walk the pop/freak tightrope, and it’s this skill that could see them making themselves heard to a wider audience in 2013.

By Nick Mitchell

EP1 and EP2 by Galoshins is released on Armellodie Records on Monday 4 February. The band mark the occasion with a show at Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow on Friday 8 February, with support from Furhood, Paddy Steer and Battery Face.

Galoshins on: Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

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