Movie trailer of the week: The Host
The Host

What is it?

Twilight meets Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.


Put another way, this is the movie adaptation of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s 2008 sci-fi novel, set in a future in which alien parasites have taken over the bodies of most of Earth’s population. This includes Melanie (Saoirse Ronan). But Mel, being made of stronger stuff than most, survives and shares her body with her host, influencing her behaviour.

Let me guess; the alien falls for a boy and a Twilight-like across the barricades love story ensues?

Clearly you haven’t read the book. Mel was in love before she became an alien. But yes, alien Mel is reunited with Jared (the boy). Can he and his human friends trust Mel? Will she aid their rebellion or help crush it?

Does it look any good?

It’s not subtle. “Human bodies are not like the others we have inhabited,” says one of the aliens. “Their emotions are powerful. She may resist from within.” Why do aliens always talk like this in movies? But Saoirse Ronan looks as eerily unearthly as she did in Hanna (even if the rest of the cast look like catalogue models) and writer/director Andrew Niccol has a solid track record with this sort of thing. While the trailer doesn’t suggest The Host will be as thoughtful as Gattaca, if we’re lucky it’ll be as much fun as In Time.

When is it out?

29 March.


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