One to watch: The Creeping Ivies
The Creeping Ivies

On the Radar – No 220: The Creeping Ivies are a two-piece rock and roll band from Dundee influenced by the music of The Stooges, Bo Diddley and The Cramps.

Daisy Dundee spoke to the duo – Becca Bomb and Duncan Destruction – after they released their debut album Stay Wild in December.

This month sees them take the ten-track album on tour, with dates in their hometown of Dundee (16 Feb), Glasgow (22 Feb) and Edinburgh (1 & 8 March).

The Creeping Ivies

What’s the current rock & roll scene like?

“We’re not really involved in any scene. We just do our own thing. There are some great rock n roll bands at the moment but scattered around and mostly under the radar. I think it’s a really exciting time for new music. Plus, there will always be good rock & roll, it’s just not within the bullsh*t mainstream media.”

Are you the saviours of rock & roll?


How do you keep old music sounding new?

“I don’t think our music is old. Yes, we’re inspired by great rock & roll from another time but also current music. We merge influences together to create something true. Good music is ultimately timeless. You could listen to a track by Andre Williams from the 50s and it sounds more cutting edge than anything the NME are championing.”

What are your tips for a good rock & roll party?

“Book us to play.”

How do you Stay Wild?

“Climb trees, get your hands dirty and keep having adventures.”

Where does the Ghost Train lead to?

“The world beyond worlds where the crows wear coats.”

You’re releasing your album on vinyl. How important are records to you?

“Records are very important to us. We recorded the album on analogue in the studio so vinyl is how it’s meant to be listened to. As a music fan, to hold a big slab of wax in your hands with the sleeve and cover art has always been exciting. It feels real and soulful.”

Stay Wild – recorded at Glasgow’s Green Door – is available to download from digital outlets and Bandcamp. Vinyl pressings will be available through Dead Beat Records (US) mail order and at gigs.


Black Cat
Madhouse Blues
Mirror Mirror
Bop Like That
The World
House of Ivy
Rock n Roll Ghost
Stay Wild

The Creeping Ivies: Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook

More info on their Dundee gig tomorrow (16 Feb) at Beat Generator Live

• Daisy, whose live gig videos have been viewed over half a million times on YouTube, takes photos, promotes the Dundee music scene and organises gigs in musicians’ front rooms for charity.

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