One to watch: Vladimir

On the Radar – No 221: Dundee doom-mongers Vladimir make sound engineers cry and are on good terms with Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The young four-piece – Ross Murray (vocals), Peter Mackenzie (guitar), Joshua Gray (bass) and Sam Taylor (drums) – release their second EP in March.

Daisy Dundee caught up with Ross and Joshua before their double-header support slot for Sheffield’s Wet Nuns Scottish tour this weekend (Electric Circus in Edinburgh tonight, Broadcast in Glasgow tomorrow)…


Are you the outsiders of the Dundee music scene?

Ross: “I think so. It feels like it anyway. I think other Dundee bands dislike us cause they are intimidated by what we do. I think a lot of people would kill to be in our band; everyone sees how much fun we have cause we just don’t care. That’s the way it’s meant to be… as people we have always been outsiders and we wouldn’t be in this band if we weren’t.”

Who does your music appeal to?

Ross: “People who want to let themselves go and live in the moment.”

Joshua: “People like us.”

You’ve played everywhere from Inverness to London in the last year. How much of a challenge is it getting four teenagers on the road, and staying in one piece?

Ross: “The biggest. I don’t wish this task on anyone. We just love to cause trouble, it’s what we do best – probably why we are best doing it just the four of us… we can look out for each other but would drive anyone else mad.”

You once made a sound engineer cry and Sneaky Pete’s closed down the night after you played. Are you THAT loud?

Joshua: “At the gig in Norwich where the sound engineer cried, the people there were literally backing up against the wall. I’ve no perception of how loud we really are, and I wish I did, but you really can’t hear on stage. By the looks of things we are pretty loud though.”

You met Anton from The Brian Jonestown Massacre at T in the Park last year. What was that like?

Ross: “A bit surreal.. he was so cool and down to earth. I don’t think we truly believe it happened.”

Joshua: “Anton was so cool and such a nice guy. He took a picture with us for his twitter/blog with his laptop and captioned it ‘A man of the peoples’. The BJM are one of our favourite bands and it was weird but exciting meeting them.”

How did you feel when Dundee venue The Doghouse closed at the end of last year?

Ross: “It was like part of us died! We spent all our money and nights in there. Was just a great place to hang out.. everyone was a delight that worked there as well.”

Plans for 2013?

Ross: “Release our second EP and probably a third as we already have about three or four songs written for that and a couple recorded. We will also play every dive venue in the land. Maybe even a festival if we’re lucky.”

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