Mark Strong: ‘It’s a shame John Carter and Green Lantern flopped’
Mark Strong Green Lantern

Actor Mark Strong says he’s disappointed that sci-fi blockbuster John Carter and superhero movie Green Lantern ended up being Box Office duds.

The British star, now well-known in Hollywood for his villainous performances, also claimed he would have been “well up for” reprising his role as Sinestro in a Green Lantern sequel.

Mark Strong Green Lantern

Asked if there are any ‘overlooked classics’ on his CV in an interview with Metro, Strong replied:

John Carter and Green Lantern: I don’t naturally gravitate towards sci-fi movies, but I could see the merit in them and was fascinated by how they were shot and would turn out.

“Neither did particularly well, which is a shame.

“I was disappointed Green Lantern didn’t get a sequel.  I was really looking forward to Sinestro harnessing the power of fear and putting on the yellow suit, I was well up for it – but these things are dictated by economics and they felt it didn’t make enough money.”

John Carter cost a colossal $250 million to make but pulled in just $283 million worldwide, while Green Lantern grossed a similarly dire $220 million on a $200 million budget.

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