‘Escape From New York’ remake in development
Escape From New York remake

Another classic John Carpenter B-Movie is to get the reboot treatment courtesy of Hollywood – with an Escape From New York remake confirmed to be going ahead.

Led by renowned producer Joel Silver, the project will in fact encompass a whole trilogy of movies and is being developed in conjunction with Studio Canal.

Escape From New York remake

Directed by Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell as eyepatch sporting anti-hero Snake Plissken, the 1981 original was set in a futuristic, dystopian US where Manhattan Island had been converted into a high-security prison, which Plissken had to infiltrate in order to rescue the President.

Something of a cult classic, the movie also spawned a tongue-in-cheek 1996 sequel, Escape From LA, in which Russell reprised his role.

Previous efforts to reboot the franchise in recent years saw Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy and Jeremy Renner linked with the task of playing Snake – so let speculation commence as to who should step into Russell’s bad-ass boots this time around.

Whet your appetite with a look back at the original:

Are you excited about the Escape From New York remake? Who would you like to see play Snake?

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