Bryan Singer: sitting out ‘X-Men 3’ was ‘traumatising’
X-Men 3 Bryan Singer

Filmmaker Bryan Singer is now very much back at the helm of the X-Men movies, having returned to the director’s chair for forthcoming blockbuster X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

But Singer, who has been absent for the past two instalments, admits that walking away from 2006’s disappointing X-Men: The Last Stand was a heart-breaking experience.

X-Men 3 Bryan Singer

In an interview with Metro, the director revealed:

“I’ve never told anybody this, but I found the whole letting go of the characters for X-Men 3 so traumatising that a friend, who shall remain nameless, had to take me to a secret location and show me the reels so far, just so I could make my peace with it.”

Singer left the project to make the poorly received Superman Returns. And he also revealed that he felt that particular superhero project flopped because he was far too invested in the source material.

“I think the problem with Superman Returns was that I really loved the old Richard Donner film and I was too reverential with the material. That, and I tried to put too much in. There wasn’t just a love triangle, there was a love quadrilogy.”

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