Bruce Campbell ready to “pick up that chainsaw” for new Evil Dead sequel
Bruce Campbell

Horror icon Bruce Campbell has said that he’s ready to reprise his role as Ash in a fresh Evil Dead sequel – should the new remake of the original classic do well enough that is.

Sam Raimi has said that he’s thinking of writing a follow-up to Army Of Darkness later this year. And with the Evil Dead remake currently topping the US box office, Campbell hopes its success will provide a platform from which to resurrect the series proper.

Bruce Campbell

Speaking to Den Of Geek, the veteran star insisted he would be back on board in that case.

“If there’s enough of a resurgence of interest in Evil Dead then we may be able to make it,” he said.

“If so, I’ll put my walker down, hobble over, and pick up that chainsaw.”

Campbell also divulged some intriguing details on plans for an Expendables-style ensemble movie featuring icons of the horror genre.

“I’d like to do the horror answer to The Expendables. I think it’d be great to get Robert Englund, and Kane Hodder, and have all these guys playing against type. I’d give them have silly accents and funny moustaches and I would just have fun with it.”

The Evil Dead remake is out in UK cinemas from next Friday.

Watch the trailer:

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