Gerard Butler: ‘The Secret Service love my new movie’
Olympus Has Fallen

Action star Gerard Butler has said that the US Secret Service can’t get enough of his new blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen – in which he plays a Secret Service agent fighting to rescue the President from a terrorist attack.

Butler, who worked with former agent and counter-terrorism expert Ricky Jones to prepare for the role, claims he’s delighted with the response he’s received from US operatives.

Gerard Butler

Speaking to Den Of Geek, the Scottish actor – who made his name with muscular Spartan epic 300, revealed:

“For the Secret Service, 300 was a big movie, as it was for all those in the armed forces, so the fact that Leonidas is playing their Secret Service hero…

“I was saying to Ricky Jones: ‘Won’t they mind that so many of them die in this movie?’ And he said: ‘They love it! They’re so excited about this movie!’

“When they screened the movie in Washington he said: ‘I had lunch with 30 of the Secret Service agents, and they loved the movie and they really thought you pulled it off well.’

“In fact, I went to a screening in Washington too, and the first person to speak in the Q&A after said he was Secret Service, and I thought, ‘Oh s***!’ but he said: ‘Dude, that rocked. You rocked and I believed you were in the Secret Service and I want to talk about the fighting!'”

The actor explained that he made sure to thoroughly research the role, and frequently asked for expert feedback.

“Ricky Jones was there every second of the day, so I constantly was going to him and just checking – are my moves right? Am I looking the right way?
“It was similiar when I played King Leonidas in 300. I knew the stunt guys were tough and they’re thinking, ‘here’s a soft actor trying to play a tough guy,’ so I wanted to train harder than anybody and have them go: ‘Oh wow. No. He’s nuts!’

“I wanted to feel that when I walked in front of them into battle, that they could believe that they would follow me.”

Olympus Has Fallen, which also stars Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Melissa Leo, hits UK cinemas this week.

Watch the trailer:

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