‘The Lone Ranger’ gets explosive new trailer – watch
The Lone Ranger

Forthcoming Western action movie The Lone Ranger has just got a new trailer, packed full of gunfights, explosions and ludicrous fights on speeding trains.

Starring Armie Hammer as the famous title character and Johnny Depp as Native American sidekick Tonto, the film is inspired by the much-loved ’50s TV series of the same name.

The Lone Ranger

That said, it appears to have a much more muscular blockbuster feel, with Pirates Of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski seemingly providing a heady mix of thrilling spectacle and moody revenge drama.

The story will revolve around the Lone Ranger on a mission to avenge his murdered brother – teaming-up with spirit warrior Tonto to “seek justice”.

Highlights of the new trailer include Helena Bonham Carter’s brothel madam wielding a boot-mounted gun, the Ranger riding his trusty horse along the roof of a moving steam train and – in classic Western fashion – our two heroes setting a dynamite charge to destroy a bridge.

Also starring Tom Wilkinson and Barry Pepper, The Lone Ranger will hit UK cinemas on August 9.

Watch the trailer:

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