Colin Firth to star in comic book movie ‘The Secret Service’?
Colin Firth

Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth could be set to star in his very first graphic novel adaptation – a movie called The Secret Service from the creators of Kick-Ass.

Firth is reportedly in talks for the project, described as “James Bond meets My Fair Lady“. It will be directed by Matthew Vaughn from a script by Vaughn and Jane Goldman.

Colin Firth
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The Secret Service comic was written by Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar and illustrated by Watchmen legend Dave Gibbons, telling the tale of a thuggish youngster who gets recruited by his uncle into a British spy school.

Firth, who won an Oscar for his turn as King George VI in The King’s Speech, will play the uncle character should he sign up – according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Vaughn’s previous films include Layer Cake, Stardust and Kick-Ass – the last two of which were also collaborations with Goldman.

Whet your appetite for The Secret Service with a look back at Kick Ass:

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