Pedro Almodovar says Daniel Day-Lewis ‘can’t do lightness’
pedro almodovar

Acclaimed director Pedro Almodovar has argued that serious method actors such as Daniel Day-Lewis are incapable of doing comedy.

Legendary star Day-Lewis may have won a record third Best Actor Oscar this year, but Almodovar notes that he “can’t manage to give the slightest sensation of lightness”.

pedro almodovar
[A serious man? Day-Lewis can’t do comedy, says Almodovar – photo: Getty]

Speaking to film critic Tony Earnshaw about his new comedy movie I’m So Excited!, the Spanish filmmaker claimed that his regular stars Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas can carry off comedy infinitely more effectively than the method crowd.

“It helps to have a lot of experience in sub-products like vampires or espionage, or to come from cabaret,” he said.

“I don’t debate his greatness, but no matter how thin he is, Daniel Day-Lewis can’t manage to give the slightest sensation of lightness.

Saturday Night Live seems like cabaret, the cradle for the best American comic. The Actor’s Studio, however, with all the respect and admiration it deserves, seems just the opposite to me.

Marlon Brando, a comedy actor? No. He tried it – he even sang and danced in Guys And Dolls, stiff as a board – but Brando was too self-aware.”

Centring around a passenger airline in peril, I’m So Excited! is out today in UK cinemas.

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