District 3 talk nudity, dubstep, and going on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’
District 3

Since shooting to fame on the most recent series of X-Factor, harmonious singing trio District 3 have played arenas, amassed 400,000 followers on Twitter and enjoyed the enthusiastic attentions of hordes of screaming fans.

Now busy working on their debut EP and with a major UK tour coming up, Dan Ferrari-Lane spoke to WOW247 about their surprising new music, getting revenge on Gary Barlow, and why there will be plenty of flesh on show when they hit the road this month.

District 3
[On-Song: District 3 stars Micky Parsons, Greg West and Dan Ferrari-Lane]

Hi Dan. I understand you’re hard at work in the studio right now?

Yeah. We’re doing an EP, but it’s got quite a lot of tracks. We’ve been living in the studio for about two months.

It’s sounding really good. We just hope our fans like it.

Have you got a few surprises up your sleeves?

We have. It’s actually quite different from what people might expect. One track has a big dubstep drop, and it’s quite mature-sounding as well.

The ballads aren’t soppy, put it that way. One of them is called ‘Dead To Me’, and it’s about someone you’ve been with for a long time who has just stopped showing any kind of emotion at all.

You’re heading out on tour later this month of course. Are you excited about showcasing the new songs?

We’re really excited. We’re looking forward to just playing to our own fans, and playing our own original music too. It’s going to be fun.

What can fans expect from District 3 at the shows?

A lot of our fans ask for us to be naked, so there might be a bit of nudity. I can’t promise full nudity – but there may be some partial reveals.

You got your first taste of life on the road with The X-Factor Live tour. How was it playing arenas? 

It was incredible. Before the X-Factor, we’d just been singing and performing in our bedrooms, so it was an unbelievable thing.

[“Micky is such a party animal – it’s always the quiet ones”]

What was the most rock and roll thing you got up to?

I’d say we terrorized Chris Maloney. A lot. We just spent a lot of time hanging around with him and having a laugh.

He’s a great guy. There was a lot of drinking – he’s an absolute nutcase.

Which member of District 3 is the biggest diva? 

I don’t think any of us are. We’ve all got opinions – and they can be quite strong opinions – but none of us have any big tiffs or anything.

Who’s the biggest party animal? 

Me and Greg are more likely to go out and party, but when you do get Micky out he’s such a party animal. It’s always the quiet ones.

Were there any particularly crazy or bizarre moments on the tour?

The whole process was just surreal. Having JLS and One Direction coming to see us was incredible.

You must have learned a lot more about each other. Has anyone got any particularly bad habits? 

I need to pee a lot. So that can be quite annoying for everybody else, when they have to keep pulling the tour bus over.

[“I’m supposed to be going on The Jeremy Kyle show with a fan”]

Looking back at your time on the X-Factor, how would you sum-up the whole experience?

Crazy. There were times where we’d be so high, and there would be times where we’d feel really low.

They made us change our style to a more pop approach, and that was quite difficult. Sometimes we’d get bad comments from the judges about the song choices, and it wasn’t our fault.

But we got through it. We had to rely on each other.

Gary Barlow voted to send you home twice.Any plans to exact revenge?

Oh, there’ll be plenty of revenge! He ain’t getting away that easily.

To be fair, he’s a nice guy. But Gary Barlow is Gary Barlow. You either love him or hate him. He’s like marmite.

You’ve made millions of fans by appearing on the show. Do you get mobbed by girls these days? 

When we go out, fans will always turn up. I’ve no idea how they find out where we are.

It’s really nice though. They put in so much effort to come and see us.

What’s been your most insane fan encounter so far?

When we came off the X-Factor all the fans knew my car by sight. One time, I dropped it off at the studio and went off on a trip to Glasgow.

A group of fans – about six or seven of them – were waiting for me when I got back. They’d stayed by the car for three whole days until I returned.

One of my fans has also submitted me and her to go on The Jeremy Kyle Show – and we’ve been accepted, apparently.

So we might be going on that, which would be quite funny. I’m not quite sure who we’re meant to be posing as yet.

[“We had to rely on each other to get through X-Factor”]

Have you had knickers thrown at you onstage yet?

We’ve had a few knickers and bras, yeah! We tend to check that they’re clean though. Hopefully there’s no skidmarks.

You guys have been friends since school, of course. Do you think this makes you stronger as a group than most pop bands?

It’s easy to make friends, but we’ve known each other for a good five or six years now and we know so much about each other.

It does help a lot, and hopefully it’ll stand us in good stead.

Which famous music act do you most aspire to be like, and why?

Well, I love Bob Marley and Eminem – but as a group we aspire vocally to be like Boys II Men. Their harmonies are fantastic.

Quickfire Questions:

One Direction or The Wanted?

Hard question. I like them both. I’ll say JLS.

Lady Gaga or Rihanna?

Rihanna. She’s my woman.

Beer or Cocktails?

Beer. I’m a fan of Sol, Corona and Bud.

Blonde or Brunette?

Ooh, difficult! To be honest, I quite like redheads.

Old Jeans or Sharp Suit? 

Old jeans. It’s all about comfort – we’re not style gurus.

Fine Dining or Fast Food?

Fast Food. I can’t stand sitting in a restaurant. I like to grab and go.

Quiet Night In or Big Night Out?

Today, I’ll say quiet night in. Beer and a custard tart.

The Inbetweeners or Skins?

The Inbetweeners. We’ve watched every episode a million times and we know the script backwards. I love that show.

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May 24: Sheffield O2 Academy
May 25: Manchester Academy
May 26: London O2 Academy Islington
May 27: Newcastle O2 Academy
May 28: Birmingham O2 Academy
May 30: Oxford O2 Academy
May 31: Bournemouth, Old Fire Station
Jun 1: Folkestone Quarterhouse
Jun 2: Glasgow, The Classic Grand
Jun 4: Brighton, The Old Market
Jun 5: Bath Komedia

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