Steven Seagal set for ‘Expendables 3’, says Sly Stallone
expendables 3

Martial arts veteran Steven Seagal seems set for a role in ensemble action sequel The Expendables 3, if a tweet from Sylvester Stallone is anything to go by.

Stallone has hinted that Seagal may join himself, Jason Statham and Jackie Chan in the new movie – if the part is good enough.

expendables 3

Tweeting to his 825,000 followers recently, Stallone wrote:

B-Movie legend Seagal, whose films include Under Siege, The Glimmer Man and Exit Wounds, would be the latest in a long line of action icons to sign-up for the deliberately daft franchise.

Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and Wesley Snipes are apparently confirmed for the third outing, and Stallone recently promised some “big surprises”, adding: “we believe we can do better than The Raid“.

The Expendables 3 is set to be released sometime next year.

Whet your appetite with a look back at the second film:

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