Lee Nelson – comedy review
Lee Nelson

Steve Canavan delivers his verdict on an eventful gig from comedian Lee Nelson at the North Pier, Blackpool.

Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson – or more accurately Simon Brodkin, the doctor turned comedian who came up with the character – isn’t exactly highbrow.

About 80 per cent of his jokes are about sex, one way or another.

And the final 20 minutes is a competition between two couples in the audience involving touching various parts of
their anatomy and demonstrating as many sexual positions as possible – the kind of thing that wouldn’t be out of place on a Club 18-30 holiday.

In short, it’s not for the easily-offended. But it has to be said that the man is funny.

Brodkin introduces a couple of other characters here – Premier League footballers Jason Bent (who, we’re told, has just released a new autobiography called Totally Bent) and an anti-gay preacher who is actually gay. If that makes sense.

But Nelson is his best creation, a baseball cap wearing wide-boy from London who is an exaggerated version of some of the less-desirable young men in today’s society.

“My little boy kept telling me a joke. He’d go ‘knock knock’. I’d say ‘who’s there’? He’d say ‘it’s me’. He kept repeating it for half an hour. Then I let him out of the cupboard.”

He has some other good gags too. “That Lance Armstrong fella. Taking drugs and riding a bike. Respect. When I take drugs I can barely make it to the garage.”

Or there’s the good-humoured pop at the Scots in the audience. “Every year at Wimbledon I say go on Andy Murray. Go on, you can do it, you can smile”.

Those are the about the only ones I safely can repeat here, however.

His set, which started 45 minutes after the time on the ticket, was on the short side – about 40 minutes each half – so he needs more material.

He was also difficult to hear at times due to a football crowd-style audience at North Pier, who weren’t shy to join in.

But Brodkin (aka Nelson) was impressive, and dealt superbly with the many hecklers – his off-the-cuff remarks often better than his scripted stuff.

He is clearly a clever bloke and a very good comedian.

Good fun, plenty of laughs, and a comic who, in Nelson, has created a unique character truly in keeping with the times.

Originally published in the Blackpool Gazette

Lee Nelson embarks on an extensive tour of the UK later this summer. Details and tickets

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