Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser reveals sinister new villain ‘Electro’ – watch
amazing spider-man 2 teaser

Jamie Foxx is wonderfully unsettling as mysterious villain Electro in a new Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser.

The footage, released ahead of the movie’s event at Comic Con, reveals Foxx’s bad guy as an enigmatic and malevolent figure.

amazing spider-man 2 teaser

In the short trailer, the villain tantalises with whispered threats and boasts before greeting the audience with glowing eyes and a leering grin.

Foxx has described his character as a “nobody” who initially idolises Spider-Man, before turning into something altogether more sinister.

In the comic books, Electro is a blue collar worker who gains the ability to manipulate electricity after being struck by lightening.

Foxx recently teased the character’s voice and mannerisms in an entertaining TV appearance.

Watch the Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser:

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