Cabaret review: Champagne Cabaret

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review: Champagne Cabaret at The Hispanola, Drummond Street (venue 308), reviewed by Kate Copstick

THIS is a sweet, gentle hour on comfy chairs which does exactly what it says on the poster.

You get champagne – a selection of six sparklers from Prosecco and a delicious non-alcoholic elderflower fizz through Aussie sparkling chardonnay to the “real thing” as a finale – and you get cabaret from three charming young ladies who double as sommeliers and songeliers.

Timed perfectly at 4pm, it is an excellent place to start a night out on the Fringe.

The music – arranged for accordion, fiddle, keyboard and three part close harmony – is an eclectic mix of style and provenance from Champagne Supernova to Champagne Charlie. While we drink, they sing and while they pour, we listen to everyone from Jacques Brel to Doris Day.

Along with this, we get tongue-in-cheek wine tasting notes and a selection of stories and reminiscences from the girls along the theme of love and friendship.

The vocal skills are variable, there is some pitching difficulty, the acoustics are tricky given that the girls are not wired up but the keyboard is, and the songs and stories pretty much all seem to involve a catch in the voice and a tear in the eye at some point (theirs, not mine), but there is something very civilised about this low-key
hour with Jessie, Katriona and Sarah.

Added to which, a ticket to the show gets you a 20 per cent discount on dinner at the Hispaniola.

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Originally published in The Scotsman

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