Brian Ferguson’s diary: Festival star ratings | Born to perform
Guy Masterson

IT IS almost a year to the day since actor, theatre-maker and Fringe veteran Guy Masterson set fur flying with his call for star ratings on reviews to be scrapped.

The gradual swamping of the Fringe by “rookie reviewers” led him to memorably tell The Scotsman: “There are now so many stars floating around that you can hardly see the posters that they are stuck to”.

Masterson’s tirade seemed to win a fair amount of backing – but just when it appeared the issue had died down, a new twist has emerged. The Edinburgh Evening News, sister paper to The Scotsman, has announced it will be handing out up to SEVEN stars during the Fringe – to a rather mixed response.

If Masterson was not already seeing enough stars, we dread to think how he’ll be feeling at the end of August.

Born to perform

ANISA George, director of the play The Seer, is returning to the Fringe for the first time since 1982, even though she is aged just 31. Ms George, from Philadelphia, was present during her tour of Tree of Anisa, in which her parents starred.

“Technically, I was in my mother’s womb”, she tells The Scotsman.

Despite not strictly being a newcomer, she took some advice from her parents, who warned her that everything 
that could go wrong probably will.

“We didn’t think much of it until the power cut out nine times at the Underbelly during the first night”, she said of the show, about the 19th-century rock poet and anarchist Arthur Rimbaud.

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