Comedy review: Davey Connor
Davey Connor

Edinburgh Fringe Scotsman review: Davey Connor Live! But Not in Your Living Room at Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14), reviewed by Martin Gray

Davey Connor

Davey Connor was on a journey. He was on a train, heading to his parents to deliver some life-changing news. And he was on an interior quest, trying to drag himself out of the depths he had fallen into, drinking too much and sleeping on a friend’s couch.

It all sounds rather heavy for a night of comedy, but don’t worry, Davey Connor is all right now. In fact, he’s in stellar form, telling us how he got from there to here.

It involves buying a fridge freezer; a stolen snake; his very popular sister; a James Bond assignment; and planning for the apocalypse.

After impressing in a shared showcase last year, it’s good to see the immensely likeable Connor, with his soft Scots brogue and easy manner, carry off a full hour.

Part-philosopher, part-observer, part-surrealist, all funny, Connor weaves his real-life experiences and flights of fancy into a thoroughly chucklesome show that ends on a pleasingly poignant note.

MORE INFO: Davey Connor Live! But Not in Your Living Room is at Gilded Balloon
Originally published in The Scotsman

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