Comedy review: Tony Jameson – Football Manager Ruined My Life

Edinburgh Fringe Scotsman review: Tony Jameson – Football Manager Ruined My Life at The Stand Comedy Club III & IV (Venue 12), reviewed by Jay Richardson

Some shows just find their niche audience. Tony Jameson’s debut has a sold-out crowd overwhelmingly made up of men, like him, in their early thirties.

Knowledge of the computer game Football Manager isn’t a prerequisite for his hour. But a love of the beautiful game, or at least, love for someone who’s love of football impinges upon your relationship, probably is.

Thirty-five divorce cases cited Football Manager as a factor last year, a situation Jameson understands all too well. In the 20 years of the game’s existence, he’s played every version, spending the equivalent of almost two-and-a-half years on the virtual touchline.

Undermining his own relationship, career and friendships, he’s been forced to question whether he’s an enthusiast or an addict. When his parents split, Football Manager became his surrogate father, the “reality” of the teams that he’s coached challenging his real-life following of Aston Villa.

As a concept, it sounds pretty thin but Jameson only rarely diverts into renditions of football chants and other distractions. The game is integral to his personality. And although he’s no Mourinho, Guardiola or Klopp, he’s fashioned a consistently amusing, autobiographically revealing hour from it.

MORE INFO: Tony Jameson – Football Manager Ruined My Life is at The Stand Comedy Club III & IV

Originally published in The Scotsman

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