Comedy review: George Ryegold: Adulterated

Edinburgh Fringe Scotsman review: George Ryegold: Adulterated at Underbelly Bristo Square (Venue 300), reviewed by Kate Copstick

The Doctor is in! And absolutely on form. Perhaps I liked this show so much because the good doctor (I use both words in the loosest possible sense) included some of my favourite topics … cruelty to children and pornography.

This is classic Ryegold, with us while the investigation is pending and his medical privileges have been suspended.

While on the subject of investigation, I feel moved to point out to anyone who read the recent reports that Dr Ryegold did not say that he believes that the way out of many of the world’s current problems is for children in the third world to be bred for meat.

Admittedly that is what he meant, but old George has a persuasive way about him and by the end of the hour I can pretty much see what he was getting at.

Just hear him out. Fans of Nigella are in for a treat here (unless you are in any way sensitive), as are fans of octopus porn and adultery. It has educational worth too, this happy hour in the company of a man straight from Hippocrates’ wildest nightmares.

We learn about Bike Sex Man, the life-ruining implications of the double urethra, stoning as a punishment for adultery and some theories about Jesus that might surprise you.

Most brilliant of all is Dr Ryegold’s forward-thinking argument on abortion. Quite brilliant. And an idea that would banish that irritating Nanny woman from our screens forever.

Old George seems to be revelling in his return to the spotlight and I for one am thrilled that he made it back to us. Dr Ryegold, thank you for a memorable hour. Your way with anal imagery will stay with me forever. And put me off hamburgers.

MORE INFO: George Ryegold: Adulterated at Underbelly Bristo Square (Venue 300), until 26 August

Originally published in The Scotsman