Cabaret review: Frank Sanazi’s 
’Das Vegas Night II’

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review: Frank Sanazi’s 
’Das Vegas Night II’ at Voodoo Rooms (Venue 68a), reviewed by Claire Smith

As the name suggests Frank Sanazi is a brilliant and unsettling blend of Frank Sinatra and Adolf Hitler.

One moment he’s all twinkly and showbiz, the next he’s giving Nazi salutes and barking insanely at his audience. He’s also a crooner of some distinction with a polished selection of reworked Frankie numbers – all given some kind of insane dictatorial twist.

If it’s Nazi themed puns you want Sanazi has them in abundance – delivered with a twinkle and a glare – and all in the worst possible taste.

With such a demented cabaret master it is no suprise that Das Vegas featuring, not the Rat Pack, but the Iraq Pack, turns out to be a particularly unhinged variety show. Mental from start to finish it is also hugely entertaining and riotously funny.

Not only do we have the pleasure of Frank, belting out such numbers as Strangers on My Flight, there are some fabulously bonkers special guests.

Glamourous Nancy Sanazi makes an appearance, with shiny sixties make up and knee high boots she is clearly her father’s daughter – showing a sunny Californian personallity with Nazi undertones.

There’s more sexy fun from a couple of comedy burlesque acts. The first is introduced as Marlene Liebedich – who we are told she has let herself go. She has trouble letting go of members of the audience. Also making a guest appearance and losing most of his clothes is the ultimate superstar – Jesus Christ – who turns out to have an incredibly impressive torso and some dazzling Fame inspired dance moves.

Audience members are invited to throw their knickers at a still up-for-it geriatric Welsh creation called Tom Mones. And there’s a suprise guest appearance from Anne Stank – who does a great Amy Winehouse style number but is incredibly sexually frustrated after being locked in an attic for so long.

It’s all brilliantly stupid, fantastically wrong and ridiculously funny. If you were hoping to find a Nazi themed Las Vegas style cabaret show with occasional nudity and a touch of the Nuremberg Rally then look no further.

MORE INFO: Frank Sanazi’s 
’Das Vegas Night II’ at Voodoo Rooms (Venue 68a), until 25 August

Originally published in The Scotsman