Kate Copstick’s Fringe diary – 18th August

Comedy critic Kate Copstick‘s weekly dispatch from Edinburgh.

[Kate Copstick]

THE streets of Edinburgh are running with a tidal wave of oestrogen which is about to sweep all before it. Or so we learned in a “the feminists are coming” feature in another publication. Which not only failed to mention two of the most amazing, empowering and ferociously female shows in Edinburgh, those by Hannah Gadsby and Adrienne Truscott, but went on to accuse Mick Ferry, one of the nicest guys in comedy, of belting out rape and paedophilia jokes as a regular part of his act, only to be brought to a halt by the power of Edinburgh’s Feminist Comics. Mick has never done either kind of joke and was utterly devastated by the accusation, to the point of wanting to end the run of his show and leave Edinburgh. Happily, he has been persuaded to stay, but he has been deeply hurt by this piece of poorly researched (arguably libellous) journalism. Go see the show and let him feel the love.

I MET a young man called Jamie Heilter the other night, flyering for the comedian Lloyd Langford. I had a kind face, he began. And went into a story about needing help to raise money to keep a young, impoverished comic in banana suits. Donations, he said, could be left with the Gilded Balloon box office. All done beautifully deadpan. THAT is how to flyer. I am going to see Lloyd’s show. And if Jamie ever thinks about doing a show himself, I’d like to see that too.

IT HAS been a week of new experiences for me. First, the Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolf III invited me to be a guest on his hugely enjoyable chat show. The Rev is an extraordinary
and entertaining mix of the holy and the horny. Communion with him is quite an experience. His hospitality has left me with a taste for Buckfast (Scottish Champagne as he calls it) that I never expected to develop.
THEN Doug Segal turned me into a mentalist. It was possibly the most extraordinary experience of my life. He didn’t really, of course – he did everything – but being up there on the stage with him, able to see everything, and knowing that it is not “real” psychic ability, only made what he does and however he does it even more mindbogglingly impressive.
The last big reveal of the show has you genuinely considering that he might have supernatural powers.
Even the charming musician Rik Carranza, who is in the show every day, is amazed.

FAVOURITE sight of the week – three little blonde girls in the front row at Bob’s Bookshop laughing uproariously at Mr Methane (here to perform in the Malcolm Hardee Awards Show) farting out the candles on a birthday cake.