Musical review: Music Show – Wedding!
Music Show - Wedding!

Edinburgh Fringe Scotsman review: Music Show – Wedding! at C (venue 34), reviewed by Claire Smith

Music Show - Wedding!

Every year on the Fringe there is a runaway word-of-mouth hit – and this year Music Show Wedding, from the Republic of Korea, is it. Stylish, shiny and riotously good fun, it’s a show which sends its audience away with huge grins on their faces.
It’s a truly immersive experience in the style of a wedding party. We are greeted at the door by the beaming bride and the ecstatic groom. The costumes are cool, funky, retro, sweet, sexy and super-colourful. The music comes from an on-stage wedding band, the members of which also take on the roles of the guests at the wedding.
Even before the show begins, the audience is encouraged to roar with excitement. And the energy never flags, with a new surprise every moment.
The story – such as it is – is very simple. A girl and a boy are getting married, but the girl’s father doesn’t approve. It’s performed in a slapstick style, with the father coming on and shaking his fist and pulling faces at the audience. There are chases through the crowd, people jumping out of cakes, balloon sculpting, novelty instruments, visual gags and explosions.
There’s also some fantastic choreography – and even a Korean Full Monty moment, when the boys in the cast pull off their shirts and let it rip, Gangnam-style. Of course, K-Pop is one of the high points. But most of the music is crowd-pleasing Sixties and Seventies classics sweetly and expertly performed by an every changing line-up.
It would have been good to have a bit more K-Pop, but it simply wouldn’t be possible to have more smiles, more energy and more infectious good humour.
You’re likely to run off down to Armstrong’s after seeing it and buy yourself a polka-dot prom dress.

MORE INFO: Music Show – Wedding! is at C

Originally published in The Scotsman

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