Scary People interview: ‘We don’t want to tune guitars forever’

On the Radar – No 236: While roadies for The View, Daniel Forouhar and Scott Anderson didn’t waste any time hanging about between soundchecks. They wrote an album instead.

Daisy Dundee explains why Dundee’s best new band Scary People are frighteningly good.


Is it true that you formed while soundchecking for The View?

Scott: Yes! After doing line checks, we would have a couple of hours to hang about, so would make a racket. We would get back home and think, remember that riff in Oslo? It wasn’t intended, but ended up snowballing pretty quickly into a band.

And you formed the full band only a week before your debut gig?

Scott: We woke up in Chicago with really sore heads, realising that we’d just agreed to support The View and we didn’t have a band. But then it happened, and it was amazing, and here we are.

You’ve formed a bit of a supergroup, we hear…

Scott: Yes, we called on some great friends, Troy Lynch (Alaskan Moustache) Jamie Brown (Mass Consensus) and Stevie Anderson (ex-The Law, now AMWWF and also Scott’s brother).

Have The View been encouraging?

Dan: Very. We wrote and recorded a handful of tunes on the tour bus, and they gave us some honest feedback. It’s completely different for them but they dig it.

Scott: I think it egged them on a bit too, they thrived from seeing us creating something and it stopped us all from getting bored.

Your first show was a sold out support slot for The View during their three-day residency at 20 Rocks in Dundee. What was the reaction?

Scott: The week leading up to the gig was pretty mad and it was only three days before that we had our first rehearsal as a full band. We didn’t really know how well it was going to go down as it’s not really their (The View fans) sort of thing, but everybody seemed to love it.

Two weeks after your debut you played the same venue, this time filling it with your own fans. How did that feel?

Dan: It felt great and made me realise that I don’t want to tune guitars for the rest of my life. If you have something you want to do, just do it.

You’re pretty clever about your use of social media [Scary People launched the band on Facebook just the day before their debut gig with a viral video]. How important is it to do things differently?

Dan: We had a lot of material we wanted to burst out with and wanted the gig to be as exciting as possible, so we released some material in advance and it paid off pretty well. We had more material prepared than most bands just starting out, so whilst the hype was there, why not tap it at its peak?

How has being part of the tour machine helped you as a band?

Scott: It’s taught us exactly how NOT to do things! It gives us a great advantage over younger bands just starting out because we know what can go wrong (plan ahead, spend wisely and REMEMBER SPARES), and what can happen for you if it goes right. It’s a business and we know what’s involved… we picked things up even on a subconscious level.

Dan: We’ve seen the big shows like The View at the Barrowlands with big lights and it’s a rock gig, and you can see the response from that, it’s cool to watch and listen to. But it’s all about making it the best show you can with the resources you’ve got.

How would you describe your sound?

Dan: Three guitars and a whole lot of noise.

Scott: Heavy in your face, riffy rock, played with as much effort as possible.

Your fourth gig was a support slot for The Cribs in Dundee last week… can you believe that happened so quickly and how was it?

Dan: It’s a promising sign that promoters are asking us to play great shows like that so early on. The Cribs enjoyed our set too which was the icing on the cake.

There’s going to be a bit of a Dundee exodus at Doune the Rabbit Hole this weekend, with seven bands playing including yourself headlining the Inspire Stage on Friday. Party?

Dan: Most definitely, we’re bringing out the big guns for our first headline festival.

Any favourite local Dundee bands at the moment?

Scott: Fat Goth and Indica.

Dan: Little Anchors.

Plans for the rest of 2013?

Scott: We’re currently tweaking the final touches to our debut EP which will be released on September 20. EP No. 2 will follow later on in the year along with some more videos. We’ve got some pretty big Scottish shows lined up… but less of that just now, all shall be revealed when the time is right. All in all, we’ve got a very busy year ahead of us.

Scary People are: Daniel Forouhar (vocals and guitars), Scott (Scotty) Anderson (drums), Stevie Anderson (guitar), Troy Lynch (guitar) and Jamie Brown (bass).

They headline the Inspire Stage at Doune the Rabbit Hole tonight (23 Aug).

Follow their movements on Facebook and Twitter.

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