Comedy review: Nadia Kamil

Edinburgh Fringe Scotsman review: Nadia Kamil in: Wide Open Beavers! at The Stand Comedy Club III & IV (Venue 12), reviewed by Jay Richardson

A one-woman variety showcase, Nadia Kamil opens her hour with a committed haka, and thereafter entertainingly mixes feminism and whimsy to reliably funny effect. With energy and verve, raggedy silliness and surrealism, she nails serious points about inequality and stereotyping, contriving an illusion of audience involvement with a series of pre-prepared interjections that align you with her quirky mindset.

Evoking the Bechdel Test for sexism in Hollywood, she has zero tolerance for the chauvinist pigs who holler at her when she is out running, and has fashioned a subversive visual response.

She initiates a conversation with a cutesy unicorn when she suspects she might be becoming too earnest and her most memorable set-piece, a burlesque striptease in which she gradually reveals slogans of equality, brilliantly undermines the dominance of the male gaze.

Other highlights include a beautifully extended Virginia Woolf pun and a smear test rap that ought to have a life beyond this show. Although thematically strong, the crashed-together nature of the structure does occasionally arrest the hour, not least as the audience struggle to read their cue cards in the dark. But, that said, for infectious joy of presentation and witty political grit, this is a debut to admire and savour.

Originally published in The Scotsman

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