Dumb and Dumber To makes original ‘pale in comparison’, says Jeff Daniels
Dumb and Dumber To

Filming on Dumb and Dumber To is now officially underway – with star Jeff Daniels tweeting pictures from the set and divulging some juicy details on what fans can expect.

The long-awaited comedy sequel reunites Daniels and Jim Carrey in the intellectually-challenged roles they made famous back in 1994.

Dumb and Dumber To

In an interview following his weekend Emmy win for hit TV series The Newsroom, Daniels revealed:

“There are some things that’s we’re going to do in Dumb and Dumber To that make the toilet scene in the first movie seem lame.

“It pales in comparison and I can’t divulge what, but just that they’ve topped it.”

The actor also tweeted the first image of him and Carrey together on set:

Written and directed by original creators The Farrelly Brothers, Dumb and Dumber To will hit cinemas next year to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the much-loved original – which made $250 million at the box office and becoming something of a modern comedy classic.

Carrey and Daniels are back as lovable dimwits Harry and Lloyd, with Daniels claiming that the script for the sequel is “hysterical”.

Watch a clip of Jeff Daniels talking about the film:

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