‘Hell No’ – meet the horror movie where people actually make sensible decisions
Hell No trailer

If you’ve ever found yourself screaming at the screen when a group of stalked teens decide to ‘split up’, or a nervous victim hides in the closet rather than fleeing the house, this inspired YouTube video is for you.

A spoof trailer for a scary movie where people don’t make the usual dumb decisions has landed online – and it’s gone down a storm with horror fans in the build-up to Halloween.

Hell No trailer

Riffing off classics such as Jaws, Ringu and Hellraiser – as well as general slasher flick tropes – the fun creation includes such moments as a bunch of college kids deciding not to stay in a creepy-looking cabin, and a small boy refusing to open a sinister puzzle box.

Fans of the genre have grown accustomed to seeing people meet terrible fates due to a complete lack of common sense, so Hell No’s vision of sensible reactions strikes an entertaining chord.

Directed by horror enthusiast Joe Nicolosi, the short film has already been viewed more than 400,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday.

Watch it now:

Mark Butler

What’s your favourite dumb horror movie decision?

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