‘Thor 2’ has a lot in common with Game Of Thrones, says director
Thor 2

Thor 2 director Alan Taylor cut his filmmaking teeth on hit TV drama Game Of Thrones. And he claims that the superhero sequel has been “dirtied up” to reflect the fantasy show’s gritty style.

Thor 2

Speaking to film critic Alistair Harkness, he said:

“I was like the third director from Game of Thrones Marvel were talking to, so they were circling that project in general. And that was particularly good news, because in doing that, they really endorsed what I wanted to do with this movie, which was ground it more and dirty it up a little bit.

Game of Thrones was really a mandate for what this would be.”

Taylor also teased the possibility that he may direct the new Terminator movie as well – which is set to start filming next year.

“Oh, let’s see. It’s a rumour still, let’s say that. It’s in discussion. Is it a reboot or a continuation? It’s a very interesting straddling of the two. I shouldn’t say a lot more about it.”

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