10 insane things to do in GTA V, from tank battles to cow tipping

As we so enthusiastically proclaimed in our glowing 5-star review, Grand Theft Auto V is the gaming event of the year.

But if you’re fed up of endlessly completing tasks, rest assured that there’s plenty of jaw-dropping possibilities lying in wait out there. So why not while away the hours with our list of ten crazy things to do in Los Santos.

GTA V - stunts

(Warning: Very strong language and some violence in clips below)

Test your flying skills by landing on a massive cargo plane – while it’s in mid-air

Achieve a 5-star police warning and have a helicopter battle

Get the story characters together for a fight

Steal a fighter jet from the army base

Hijack a blimp and parachute off it

Jump off Weazel Plaza – the highest building in the game

Have a tank battle in the army base

Climb Mount Chiliad and race down it on a bike

Hold out in a strip club on 5 star wanted level until you kick the bucket

Enjoy your day by Cow Tipping

Anthony Longstaff

What’s your favourite crazy thing to do in GTA V?

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