7 of the funniest Chinese bootleg DVD covers

Following yesterday’s hilarious sighting of a homoerotic piece of Thor 2 fan art being used as an official film poster in China, we thought it was an ideal time to explore the weird and wonderful world of Chinese bootleg DVD covers.

Hollywood movies and American TV shows have a rich history of turning up with delightfully bizarre and ‘inventive’ artwork over there. Here are some of the finest examples…

Drive…as viewed through some kind of weird, LSD-induced nightmare


Star Wars – with added Schwarzenegger

Star Wars - with added Schwarzenegger

The Matrix – with added racism

Matrix china dvd

Lord Of The Rings vs Harry Potter

Lord Of The Rings Harry Potter DVD mash up

Game Of Thrones, with Sean Bean as Thor!

Game Of Thrones china DVD

Breaking Bad – that heart-warming, family comedy

Breaking Bad china DVD

Die Hard…with a very literal title, and some insightful observations

Die Hard china DVD

All images found on imgur

Which of these covers is your favourite?

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