12 of the greatest Monty Python moments

With Monty Python revealing that they are to reunite for a special comeback, we take a look back at the funniest moments from the sublime comedy legends, taking in both their TV sketch show and big-screen outings.

[John Cleese practising one of his famous ‘silly walks’]

The Black Knight

A gloriously gory, silly take on the resolute figure of legend, King Arthur comes face-to-face with the most stubborn opponent imaginable on his quest for the Grail.

Granny Gang

Burly bikers cower in fear as the news earnestly reports on hordes of ruthless OAP thugs, roaming the streets to intimidate and brutalise with the swing of a handbag.

Northern Playwright

This butch Yorkshire man of words is totally unimpressed with his upstart son’s namby-pamby career as a coal miner.

French Soldiers

Rude, arrogant and deceptively-sharp, the French guards at this particular castle prove to be a real thorn in King Arthur’s side – not least with their array of creative insults.

“Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries!”

Spanish Inquisition

This has it all. The surreal scenario; the clever play on words and phrases; and the ever-expanding list delivered by an increasingly flustered authority figure.

Ministry Of Silly Walks

John Cleese offers up a masterclass in magnificent, oddball physical comedy.

Mr Creosote

Grotesque and glorious all at once, the Meaning Of Life offers a glimpse into the very worst possibilities of rampant gluttony.

The Knights Who Say Ni

A 12-foot tall Michael Palin leads perhaps the most terrifying band of oddball, shrubbery-loving bandits ever to have graced a forest.

Lumberjack Song

One of many musical highlights from the Python’s career, this is bizarre and brilliant in equal measure.

Killer Rabbit


Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Perhaps the last thing you’d ever expect to see at a mass crucifixion, the chirpy Eric Idle-led song is a delightfully optimistic, upbeat and cheerful way to end Python’s controversial satire.

Dead Parrot

Probably one of the most quoted and celebrated sketches of all time. How they made a humble pet shop exchange so very inspired, we’ll never know.

What’s your favourite Monty Python sketch?

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