Rapper DMX to fight George Zimmerman in ‘celebrity boxing match’

In an extremely bizarre turn of events, embattled rapper DMX has announced he is set to fight George Zimmerman, the man controversially acquitted for the death of black teenager Trayvon Martin, in a charity boxing match – worryingly adding that his decision was racially-motivated.

[DMX is set to spar with George Zimmerman – Getty Images]

The New York rapper is one of the best selling hip-hop artists of all time, having shifted over 30 million albums, though has not managed to avoid the long arm of the law, having been arrested countless times and served several bouts in jail for a litany of offences, most notably drug possession, animal cruelty, weapons possession and driving misdemeanors. Last year alone was a troublesome one for DMX, as he was arrested four times and also filed for bankruptcy.

Since his acquittal, Zimmerman, 30, has also run into trouble with the police several times, but has claimed his focus is on boxing in order to improve his mental and physical well-being. The fight has been arranged by Zimmerman’s friend, boxing promoter Damon Feldman, who admitted he asked DMX because he’s “controversial”.

DMX, aka 43-year-old Earl Simmons, recently said he wanted to fight Zimmerman “for every black person who has been done wrong in the system”, adding, “I am going to beat the living f*** out of him”. The rapper also intends to break “every rule in boxing” so he can hurt Zimmerman.

With all proceeds donated to charity, the fight is tentatively scheduled for March 1, and will be available to watch on Pay Per View.