Scarlett Johansson stalks her prey in surreal thriller ‘Under The Skin’ – watch
Under The Skin

Atmospheric, spine-tingling and supremely surreal, an appetite-whetting full trailer has now landed for erotic Scarlett Johansson thriller Under The Skin.

Under The Skin trailer 2

Set in Scotland and directed by Sexy Beast’s Jonathan Glazer, the offbeat movie stars Johansson as an alien visitor who uses her “voracious sexuality” to seduce and ensnare unsuspecting men – who are then abducted to her home planet.

Sporting a mass of jet black hair, a lavish fur coat and a strikingly pale face, the actress looks to have taken to the bizarre and highly satirical story with relish.

Featuring disturbing imagery, haunting exchanges and unsettling, ambient music that puts the hairs up on the back of your neck, the preview hints at a powerful horror experience in store.

Under The Skin hits UK cinemas on March 14.

Watch the trailer:

Mark Butler

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