5 tips for making the most of Singles Nights
speed dating - 5 tips for singles nights

In her latest column, Edinburgh bar owner, mother-of-two and proud Swede Anna Christopherson shares her top tips for making the most of Singles Nights…

speed dating - 5 tips for singles nights

I know what you must be thinking.

Why on earth would you take advice from a married woman with kids on how to be successful at a Singles night?

Well, I have actually been moon-lightning as Speed Dating Lady on Saturday nights in our Victoria Bar in Edinburgh for the last five years.

The whole idea of Singles Night came from our Joseph Pearce’s Jogging Club, which used to include lots of singles who asked us to host a night since they fancied people they saw in the bars.

Since I am addicted to Jane Eyre and period dramas I saw my chance to play Cupid.

Our singles night in Victoria is a very relaxed affair and not to be compared to professional speed dating companies’ events, although it have been very successful and has resulted in one marriage, plenty of couples and hundreds of dates.

So here are my five top tips…

1. Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax!

chewbacca - relax

I know it’s easier said than done, but I once went on a course with Krister Henriksson (who played Kurt Wallander in the Swedish version of the popular TV show) and he said that it is when people are relaxed you will see their true beauty and soul. Lots of people are very shy when it comes to going speed dating – that’s why we have questions to kick start the conversation. This makes people more relaxed and so you can see beyond the exterior.

2. Don’t judge

cruise judge

Never judge the book by the cover: age, looks, dress code. Be nice when you speed date. You wouldn’t want to be judged yourself. You will also get much more interesting conversations and even if it isn’t your partner-in-waiting it might be a good potential friend who sits across from you.

3. Flirt

millhouse flirt

Scots and other Nordic people flirt far too little. What is the danger in flirting, giving compliments and looking someone in the eyes? Everyone feels good if they are seen and flirted with. Flirting with lots of people is great practice for when you meet the one you are really interested in.

4. Have an open mind

open mind

I always thought I would find a tall, blonde and slightly bald man and that is not what I found! So don’t have a prejudiced choice before you start.

5. Don’t drink too much


Guys especially make the big mistake of trying for too much Dutch Courage. It’s not very attractive when you slur and can’t look someone in the eyes properly.

Other tips I’ve gathered after a few years’ experience:

Guys, be on time! Ladies don’t like to wait …ever ….not when we are singles or when we are married.

Ladies – it is the 21st century! Take the first step! There are lots of very nice men out there who are single because they are shy, and women lose out because we expect the guys to take the first step.

Victoria’s next Singles Night is on Saturday (15 March) and they are also hosting an LGBT Singles Night on Sunday, March 23.

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