WOW247 recommends: Nights out this weekend, 14 – 16 March

This weekend’s after-dark events sees things get (Eton) messy in Manchester, there’s Pan-Pot in London and Pandora’s box can be opened in Birmingham…

[Pan-Pot – picture: Maxime Fort / Flickr / CC ]

Eton Messy Spring Tour

Antwerp Mansion, Manchester
Fri 14 Mar, 10pm – 4am, £12; more info

While the thought of spending a weekend in Antwerp cheering on devolution may make even the most liberal of Conservatives slip into a coma, some might just be lured to Manchester by their favourite dessert (though we doubt it). Eton Messy’s annual spring tour marries enigmatic Swedish DJ Jonas Rathsman to a line-up also featuring Blonde, Devolution and the night’s eponymous DJs. Mind you, if you see any Thatcherites there, discuss Eton Messy but don’t do any Belgium waffling; they’re not too keen on Brussels.

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Return to Mono presents Saved 100 Party

Sub Club, Glasgow
Fri 14 Mar, 10.30pm – 3am, £12, more info

If you manage to hold on until the grand old age of 100, a letter will come floating through your letterbox from the Queen (no doubt she’ll still be alive by then). It’ll detail what a feat hitting 100 actually is. With the cataracts and desire to nod off every five seconds, it’ll take you another 100 years just to read it. So make the most of your youth while you can, and join the celebrations of Saved Records’ 100 releases, with Nic Fanciulli and pioneers Slam spearheading the milestone soiree.

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Kapital presents Paul Daley (ex-Leftfield)

The Caves, Edinburgh
Fri 14 Mar, 11pm – 3am, £10 (more info)

Tick follows tick follows tick follows tock. Unless your ’90s memories consisted of lying in a cot, you’ll most likely recognise the first sentence from the Guinness advert, one which allowed the innovative Leftfield to be fully superimposed on the public’s retina. Arguably the greatest TV ad of all time was soundtracked by those responsible for (very) arguably the greatest dance album of all time (Leftism). Go see legendary founder Paul Daley play solo material and pay aural homage to older hits, it’ll be the Greatest Night of All Time and there’ll be no arguing about it.

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Butter Side Up presents Rick Wade

Wire Club, Leeds
Fri 14 Mar, 11pm – 5am, £8; more info

We know two things. Buttered toast always lands face down, and cats always land on their feet. What on earth, then, happens if you attach buttered toast face up on the back of a cat?! While that outcome’s uncertain, there’s no confusion in Leeds’ Wire Club, where for three hours long-serving master of deep house (and Detroit veteran) Rick Wade will delicately throw funk, soul, jazz and house at the ears of anyone present.

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Pandora presents Amine Edge & DANCE

The Warehouse Club, Birmingham
Sat 15 Mar, 10pm – 7am, £20, VIP £35; more info

Hailing from the South of France, Amine Edge was one of the first innovators of Gangster House, a cross-over between ’80s hip-hop and funk so deep you might need a submarine to get back home again safely. Along with DANCE he headlines a huge bonanza with Kismet, Lance Morgan, Low Steppa and Tainted Souls on the under card. There’s also promise of countless lasers, 3D Projection screens and a docking spot for your submarine.

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Shapes, East Hackney, London
Sat 15 Mar, 10pm – 6am, £25; (more info)

There a few acts in techno realms as impressive as Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix’s collective moniker Pan-Pot. The duo intelligently toy with their crowd and distribute textures of cathartic house, IDM and dance along with absolutely ferocious techno. In London this weekend? Free for a bit of Pan Pot’s exceptional techno? That should be techYES YES YES.

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