On the Radar – No 253: Bdy_Prts

Two of Scotland’s leading female musicians join forces in the vowel-obliterating Bdy_Prts, and they’re worth every letter of recommendation, writes Harris Brine


Name: Bdy_Prts
From: Glasgow
Line-up: Jill O’Sullivan and Jenny Reeve
For fans of: Lykke Li, LORDE, Purity Ring, Elephant, CocoRosie
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.bdyprts.com

Last year, two Filipino physicists knocked heads together and with mathematical equations found that over the last 200 years human conversation has been considerably shortened (presumably both were too busy with heads buried in calculators to read a solitary text message as proof).

Not only did they realise War and Peace‘s verbose linguistic style was well and truly consigned to the historical dustbin, but they realised Twitter had allowed this pattern to repeat. In only three years.

SMS and 140 characters have indeed normalised the omission of letters, which is why an eyebrow is rarely raised when the abbreviated words Bdy_Prts pop on posters and social media feeds. While to this Glasgow duo letters may be missing, you don’t need to be a scientist to see that talent is not.

Meeting during a trip to Perth to write for Rod Jones’ mental health project The Fruit Tree Foundation, Strike The Colours songstress Jenny Reeve and Sparrow and the Workshop‘s queen-bee Jill O’Sullivan struck up a friendship that’s since led them down the path to jump-suited pop-cum-soul goodness.

Three years later – a time which has included a spirit-soused weekend in a caravan, the addition of multi-stick hitting drummer Jonny Scott (The Unwinding Hours, Olympic Swimmers, STC) and a tumbled tumbler to thank for their name (“flailing body parts”) – and they have surfaced with the track ‘IDLU’, as well as recently seizing the hearts and tweets of those at their first headline show at Nice N Sleazy.

Produced by Miaoux Miaoux, ‘IDLU’ is oriented towards the, um, oriental, with the continent’s fondness for wind chimes and crisp alternating femme trills. Additionally, cutting lyrics are laid across a slick backing beat (“You had shed your skin/ The one I loved you in”). At the Sleazy’s gig a violin surfaced on unknown numbers, and there’s even fond use of a digital contraption that’s got more buttons than the street adjacent to a sewing shop explosion.

If you’re looking for a career in linguistics the future may be bleak, but with a Bdy_Prts EP not to far off, for everyone else it’s anything but.

Listen to: ‘IDLU’

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