Turn back the clock with Scotland’s Time Lords at Our Dynamic Earth

Sponsored feature: Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh has undergone its biggest ever redevelopment in time for the Easter Holidays, for the opening of Scotland’s Time Lords.

This Easter, Harry Potter style magic meets the latest in science interpretation with the opening of Scotland’s Time Lords at Our Dynamic Earth.

Celebrating the life of one of Scotland’s greatest scientists, James Hutton – widely regarded as the father of modern geology – three new interlinked galleries take visitors from a Georgian-style classroom complete with magic blackboards and talking portraits, right back through Deep Time to the Big Bang and beyond.

We went along to see for ourselves

The journey begins as oak panelled doors open on a classroom where.

The ghost of Hutton demonstrates his theories on how the earth was formed…

We then move on to a gallery with a giant illuminated globe showing the effect of plate tectonics…

Then we continue with the brand new Deep Time Machine….

The experience includes brand new footage created in collaboration with our Dynamic Earth and the National Space Centre Creative which offers visitors a chance to witness the development of the universe from the Big Bang through to early Earth. Each gallery is completely different and ranges from interactive exhibits to the impression of travelling through time.

Professor Stuart Monro, scientific director of Dynamic Earth, enthuses about the new galleries:

“It has long been a personal ambition of mine to see James Hutton celebrated. So much of his discoveries and thinking are relevant today and many great thinkers have been influenced by his ideas including Charles Darwin and the more modern scientists who gave us the concept of plate tectonics. We hope the new galleries will teach people about Edinburgh’s major contribution to discovering how the Earth works, while also demonstrating – and commemorating – the importance of Scotland’s intellectual heritage.”

For more information on the new galleries, as well as all the events and activities happening at Our Dynamic Earth over Easter, visit www.dynamicearth.co.uk.

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