Beer Of The Month: Salopian Celt Experience Sentinel

Beer blogger Leigh Linley continues his regular column on WOW247 with a look at an inspired team-up between two top breweries.

Every month Leigh picks out a terrific tipple for you to try – and May’s recommendation is the sublime Salopian/Celt Experience Sentinel.


Style: IPA ABV: 8.4%

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Twitter: @salopianbrewery /@CeltBeers

This belated BOTM is not only a celebration of a cracking IPA that’s just emerged, blinking into the early summer sun and onto the shelves of your local beer retailer, but a celebration of two breweries who are producing some wonderful, wonderful beers right now: Salopian Brewery and The Celt Experience.

What both breweries have in common is that they don’t shy away from bold, full flavour in their beer. That might sound like an odd statement to make, but you really won’t get a bland beer with either.

Shropshire’s Salopian have made their name brewing such wonderfully complex cask ales such as Darwin’s Origin and Hop Twister, before recently experimenting with a more hop-forward, US-inspired bottle and keg range with slightly different branding and feel. As a result, they’ve alerted a whole new audience to their beers – whilst having a little fun along the way.

The Celt Experience are the young turks of the relationship; a tribe of Welsh beer revivalists who –through their three-tiered approach to beer families – are growing a legion of fans at an alarming rate. Fancy a simple yet alarmingly bold pint? Look no further than the likes of Golden or Bleddyn 1075 from the ‘core’ range. A strong, traditional Celt brew with roots in Europe as well as druidic Wales? Then pick a beer from the ‘Ogham’ range. Or perhaps you’d like to browse the ‘Shapeshifter’ family; replete with beers spiked with pumpkin, chilli, chocolate and rye.

So when these two got together recently to throw some hops, malt, yeast and water around they ended up with Sentinel; a 8.5% abv IPA that hides its considerable strength beneath a hazy, almost jammy aroma of pine, sweet mango and strawberry that sucks you into the glass. Sip and you’re rewarded with smooth, rounded malt and chewy sweetness, before finishing with a jolt of bitterness. It’s a big IPA, for sure, but that rolling smoothness that both breweries excel in is the masterstroke here – the balance between malt and hop is keen and for that, I raise my glass to both.

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