Beer Of The Month: Treboom Myricale

Beer blogger Leigh Linley continues his regular column on WOW247 with a look at a spicy, fruity new ale that offers a perfect taste of the summer.

Every month Leigh picks out a terrific tipple for you to try – and June’s recommendation is the tremendous Treboom Myricale.


Style: Wheat Beer ABV: 5%

Web:  Twitter: @treboombrewery

Hops may be, to some, the be-all-and-end-all of beer these days, but we managed to brew beer for quite a long time without using them. Obviously, they’d have tasted quite different to beer as we know it today, but brewers are still experimenting with herbs and spices other than hops to provide a little interest to their malty creations.

Well-known, widely available beers with herbal additions such as William Bros’ Fraoch Heather Ale and Alba (which is spiked- quite literally – with Pine) and Hall & Woodhouse’s Blandford Flyer (Ginger) certainly attract a cult following with particular tastes. Myricale – brewed by Yorkshire’s Treboom Brewery – has finally made the jump from cask to bottle, and is a great place to start if you want something a little different to your normal pint. That something is the not-particularly attractive-sounding Bog Myrtle.

Bog Myrtle (also known as Sweet Gale or Myrica Gale – hence the beer’s name) has an earthy, resinous aroma and flavour – although you wouldn’t come across the taste of it in much else other than beer. You have to admit that upon taking a good, deep sniff of Myricale, there is a woody, herbaceous note to the traditional wheat beer aroma that this beer has in spades; all ripe banana, spice and lemongrass zing.

Despite the not-too-shabby 5% abv, Myricale remains sweet and smooth; at the finish that bold, citrusy raw ginger note reappears, cleaning everything up and inviting another sip. There’s a lot going on flavour-wise, but the beer remains light and refreshing. One for the summer? Certainly, if you fancy something to pep up pale ale or lager-fatigued tastebuds during those long barbecue evenings we’re sure to have.

Myricale was originally brewed to raise funds for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, and 5p from every bottle sold still goes to the charity.

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