Interview: Anthony Baxter on A Dangerous Game
a dangerous game

Anthony Baxter takes on tycoon Donald Trump and his luxury golf developments once again in his hard-hitting documentary A Dangerous Game, the follow-up to 2011’s You’ve Been Trumped.

a dangerous game

The film-maker spoke to Jonathan Melville before a special screening of A Dangerous Game at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Baxter says that the Trump controversy in Scotland was just part of a wider story, and it was this realisation that led to the making of the A Dangerous Game.

“After making You’ve Been Trumped we showed it around the world, and people kept coming up to me and saying, ‘we’ve got the same thing happening here’,” he says. “It wasn’t always Donald Trump. The case I follow in Dubrovnik in Croatia it’s an Israeli billionaire who is bankrolling a development for the super-rich. And eventually there was this common story, this feeling of power and money running roughshod over the lives of ordinary people that I felt needed to be explored further.”

Despite the fact that the story was panning out in scope, Baxter also had good cause to revisit the North East of Scotland, after receiving a surprising offer.

“Meanwhile in Scotland the story hadn’t ended,” Baxter recalls. “Michael Forbes [the farmer who refused to sell his Aberdeenshire farmland to Trump] had just been voted the Top Scot and I was there when that happened and documented a bit of that. After that the Trump Organization got in touch and said, ‘we’d like to meet with you’, which was an extraordinary moment, because when I’d made the first film they’d refused to be involved in any shape or form. So that then opened another door, and I felt it was an important story to be told, that hadn’t been completely finished in the first film.”

A Dangerous Game gets its Scottish premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival tonight (24 Jun) at Cineworld, 8.35pm (more info). It also screens on Saturday (28 Jun) at Cineworld at 3.30pm.

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