Kate Nash goes DIY with new song ‘She Rules’
Kate Nash - video

Kate Nash may have been the indie pop darling of ’07 with her hit single ‘Foundations’ but the times moved on and so did the Nash.

Kate Nash - video

Nash’s transformation from the floral patterned, soft voiced pop starlet began with 2013’s Girl Talk, which saw the beginnings of a more punky riot-grrrl sound and style.

Kate has taken that DIY ethic further with her latest track ‘She Rules’ – it’s not only self-released but is also accompanied by a video put together by Nash herself using iMovie.

The video shows the singer-songwriter and her friends generally pratting about in sunny surroundings. That may sound like an annoying prospect but it actually comes across as quite personal and endearing.

The song itself is a lo-fi affair with a drumbeat that could have come straight from a synth’s sound bank and a raw bassline that hums beneath the vocals, which are still unmistakably the girl from 2007’s Made Of Bricks with a bit more fire than before.

Nash has gone through a transformation, and it now feels like she is more comfortable in this new alt image.

Check out the video for ‘She Rules’ below and prepare for the return of the Nash.

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