Story of the shot: Balloons by Dawn Marie Jones

Specialising in fashion and beauty photography, Dawn Marie Jones graduated from Edinburgh College last year. She has had a variety of images and fashion editorials published internationally, and has worked with some of the most sought after creatives in the Scottish fashion industry.

Here she explains the process behind Balloons, which is exhibiting as part of the Retina Festival in Edinburgh this month.

[Picture: © Dawn Marie Jones]

Balloons is part of a collaborative project and series of images titled ‘Daydreamers’.

It touches on the nature of reality and the power of dreams, imagination and belief in the shaping of our own reality and happiness.

I love to daydream and have done since I was a child. Within a busy life, it is my refuge and inspiration. In a dream you can transport yourself to another mood or even reality; and experience things not possible within the narrow reality we perceive.

We live in a world full of pressures to conform and buy into an ever more fake and temporary existence. Everything in life is transient, yet we focus on the material world with such intensity and forget its perishable nature.

We are disconnected from ourselves, living in boxes with a narrow window to the world in its natural state and we surround ourselves with more and more possessions to make us ‘happy’.

I love this quote by Khalil Gibran: “The appearance of things changes according to the emotions; and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.”

The images were created largely with natural light and a large reflector to bounce light back into the room. I like to have a holistic approach to image-making and in this instance did the styling and creative direction as well as the photography.

I’d like to thank the incredible creatives also involved in the project:

Make-up: Karen Bowen
Hair: Hayleigh Davidson and Deon Moffat at Copperfelds
Models: Laurie Duffy at Model Team and Melanie Pyne at Superior Elect
Assistants: Stanislav Stoyanov and Roger McDougall

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Retina Festival runs from July 17 – 26 in Edinburgh – more info at

You can view Dawn Marie Jones’s work as part of New Fashion Photographers at Creative Exchange, July 8 – 25.

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