Jessie Ware announces two UK shows in churches
jessie ware

The ethereal-voiced Jessie Ware will be performing two shows in October in church venues – dates and more info below.

jessie ware

The British singer, who is known for her hit song ‘Wildest Moments’ and latest track ‘Tough Love’, will be playing a pair of shows in London and Manchester, the only two UK dates currently announced on her tour of Europe and North America.

Tickets are only available by a ballot on her website. In a statement on the site Jessie explained:

“I’m trying to make it as fair as possible for all fans as the venues are a little smaller than usual, so all the tickets for these shows will only be available via a ballot here.”

She also added:

“Your name will be printed on each ticket so you can’t flog them to touts! I can’t wait to play you this record, good luck!”

Ware’s shows will be at two church-style venues, one being the St John at Hackney Church before she goes on to play Manchester Cathedral.

Her new single ‘Tough Love’ is set for release on August 3 and is the first release since her Mercury-nominated 2012 debut Devotion.

Ware is also scheduled to be playing Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire in August.

The show dates are as follows:

7-10 Aug: Oxfordshire, Wilderness Festival, more info
2 Oct: London, St John at Hackney Church, more info
3 Oct: Manchester, Manchester Cathedral, more info

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