Randolph’s Leap on touring and the importance of grilled salmon rolls
randolph's leap

Adam Ross of Randolph’s Leap tells Matthew Dunne-Miles about touring, gigging at the Fringe and the importance of quality catering.

randolph's leap
[Randolph’s Leap on the beach]

Perhaps a more common theme than you might expect, it seems that Adam Ross of Randolph’s Leap may pick his favourite summer gig locations based on the potential food on offer. The Glasgow based eight-piece have a fairly packed schedule of travel over the next couple of months, so to pick out a few culinary favourites along the way is surely allowed.

The band’s first full length release Clumsy Knot came out in April and the summer gives Ross and the band the chance to ply their heartfelt lyrics and wholesome folk sounds to a host of festival-goers who will no doubt be swooped up in the goodwill of it all.

We had a quick chat catch-up with long-limbed lead singer Ross (pictured above – third from right) on his return from the Howlin’ Fling festival on Eigg, and chatted about the subject of coming to Edinburgh this month during the Fringe.

Hi Adam. You’re playing a few festivals around Scotland this summer – are there any gigs you’re looking particularly looking forward to? 

“It’ll be hard to beat Howlin’ Fling on Eigg last weekend. The music, the location, the people and the food were all smashing. I am really looking forward to Belladrum though, mostly for the grilled salmon rolls.”

Have you played Edinburgh during the Fringe before? Does it attract a different audience than usual shows in the city?

“Hard to say. I think we played a gig last year that was around the time of the festival although maybe not strictly during it. Edinburgh audiences are always a bit ‘different’… Ha. The audience last time were pretty terrific, so hopefully that’ll be repeated this time around. The Electric Circus stage has a big mirrored wall facing the audience so maybe we’ll get a narcissistic audience.”

Randolph's Leap

Do you think it’s difficult for musical acts to stake a claim in Edinburgh during Fringe season? 

“I don’t think so. I reckon audiences want to be bombarded with entertainment and art of all kinds, whether it’s music, comedy or drama. We can guarantee all three – comedy and drama subject to availability”

What can the Scottish music scene do to combat the decreasing levels of good music acts at the Fringe?

“The Pale Imitations line-up looks pretty stonking. More of that please.” (We certainly agree)

Will you or the rest of the band look to catch any shows whilst you’re in the city?

“Yeah. I don’t know what yet but I’m going to try and come through at least a day early and do some stuff. I’m always open to recommendations.”

If Randolph’s Leap were forced to put together a Fringe-style act, what would your performance entail?

“A monologue from the perspective of one individual A5 flyer from one individual stand-up show.”

Randolph’s Leap play the following dates:

1-3 Aug: Gisburn, Cloudspotting Festival
8-9 Aug: Inverness, Belladrum Festival
23 Aug: Edinburgh, The Electric Circus
3 Sep: Glasgow, Oran Mor
12-14 Sep: Wakefield, Long Division Festival
4 Oct: Glasgow, Tenement Trail
25 Oct: Stirling, Alberts Hall

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