Best burgers in Leeds – 6 hang-outs for hungry carnivores
The Pit - Big Boy

The humble burger has come a long way in the last few years, with gourmet twists on the classic fast food popping up all over the country.

Leeds, however, has a good claim to being one of the beefiest carnivore havens around. Here are six of the best burger joints you’ll find in the city.


Byron Burger 1

This popular new kid on the block boasts a fantastically relaxed atmosphere, extremely friendly service, and even nine-year aged Bourbon on the drinks menu – but it’s the tasty burgers that really do the talking. Eight tantalising standard options dominate the menu, but you can effectively build your own creation too: choosing eagerly from the stupendous range of cheeses, toppings and sauces available. The spicy BBQ one comes highly recommended.

9a Lands Ln, LS1 6AW  (0113 243 4444,


Lighthouse - Kobe

Ranging from the classic Lighthouse to spicy chicken, pork and boozy concoctions, there are some serious gourmet offerings at this slick suburban bar and grill. The awesome Black & Blue burger is topped with beer-soaked brisket, and even the veggies among you can get involved with (whisper it) a rich portobello mushroom/goat’s cheese combo.

106-108 New Road Side, Horsforth, LS18 4QB  (0113 258 8439, website)


Cattle Grid

While the ribs and steaks may headline the Cattlegrid’s carnivorous delights, those who opt for a beef, chicken or mushroom patty instead will find themselves equally well-served. Unconventional toppings include brie, welsh rarebit and a hot chili-pepper paste called harrisa, allowing you to indulge a more adventurous twist to proceedings.

Waterloo House, Assembly St, LS2 7DE  (0113 242 1872,



If the giant cow in the centre of the restaurant doesn’t offer a clue to this place’s meaty intentions, then the menu itself surely will. The substantial Longhorn is the sole yet deserving target of your burger affections: 80z of freshly minced beef swathed in salad, swaledale cheese and horseradish.

163 Lower Briggate, LS1 6LY  (0113 246 7013,

The Pit

The Pit - Big Boy

Part of the same chain as Kobe, this city centre sibling has an even more adventurous range of gourmet creations to dive into. The Elvis-inspired King comes with jam and peanut-butter and is encased in a doughnut, and there’s a wild boar burger complete with black pudding and apple sauce. For those with an insane appetite, however, there is The Big Boy: a 16oz monster packed with pulled pork, turkey, bacon, cheese and beer-battered onion rings to boot.

9 Merrion St, LS1 6PQ  (0113 247 0601, website)

Red’s True Barbecue

Reds True BBQ

Armed with a mentality and menu that literally treats meat as a religion, Red’s also has its own huge signature creation (confusingly) dubbed ‘The Pit Burger’: complete with pulled pork, bacon, mustard and a pair of devilish sauces termed ‘dirty’ and ‘unholy’. Nice. Elsewhere there’s a classic bacon burger and their own spin on the doughnut twist, this time packing spice and promising “a holy union of sweet, meat and heat”.

1 Cloth Hall St, LS1 2HD  (0113 834 5834,

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