Con Air 2 could be set in space
Con Air 2

The director of Con Air wants to make a sci-fi sequel. Stand by your phone Nic Cage – this could be the role of a lifetime.

Con Air 2
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In an interview with ScreenDaily, Simon West has revealed that he would consider filming a sequel to the 1997 action film – in space. We’re already lining up to buy tickets.

West said:

“I would do it if it was completely turned on its head. Con Air in space, for example – a studio version where they’re all robots or the convicts are reanimated as super-convicts, or where the good guys are bad guys and the bad guys are good guys.

“Something shocking. If it was clever writing it could work.”

Con Air starred Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Colm Meaney and John Malkovich and followed a  passenger jet seized by prisoners. It has since acquired an enthusiastic cult following.

Watch the trailer:

Would you go to see Con Air set in space?

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