My Fringe: Celia Pacquola

Comedian Celia Pacquola gives us an insight into her experiences at the Fringe…


Can you sell your show this year in one sentence?

A comedian had a fight with a palm reader, this is that story.

What does the Fringe mean to you?

Exhilaration, performing, socializing, joy, fear, debt, hangovers, creativity, inspiration, berocca, cobblestones, wifi, stars, stairs, strangers, new friends, soggy, comedy, and the best and worst month of the year.

What has been your best Fringe experience as a performer?

My show is about fortune tellers and the other night there was a clairvoyant in the audience! We had a lovely chat and I thought it couldn’t get better than that, then I found out he was also reviewing the show. Amazing. Also, in 2010 I lost a notebook filled with all my jokes and SOMEONE HANDED IT IN! I know! Miracles can happen.

And your worst?

When I came to Edinburgh for the first time in 2009 I’d never been heckled before… It was like this festival had been waiting for me to get here so they could yell at me. I learned a lot, very quickly, that year. Shudder.

Which other shows do you want to see and why?

Steen Raskopolous ‘I’m wearing two suits because I mean business’. He is a one man sketch wonder and I missed it in Melbourne and will miss it again here because we’re on at the same time. Oh and I can’t wait to see Tom Allen’s show, ‘Life/Style’ he is hilarious.

What’s the best show you’ve ever seen at the Fringe and why?

Tony Law, I can’t remember what it was called but it was the one with the elephants. I saw it in the final days of the festival – it was an extra show in the afternoon and it was beautiful and silly and excellent and I drank a cup of tea while I watched it. Bliss.

Do you have a Fringe ‘pet hate’?

People who kiss you on the cheek hello and then when you ask how they are, and then they say ‘oh, I’ve got this awful cold’… Oh great and now, so do I.

What’s on your Fringe rider?

A beer, a coke, a bottle of water and eye drops. I’m really into pre-show liquids.

Have you ever found anything unique about Scottish audiences?

Not really. Unique to Edinburgh in general I’ve noticed drink driving isn’t an issue here. The cobblestones have made it impossible. I tried it with water, didn’t get any near my face.

How do you plan to spend your time off in Edinburgh?

There’s time off?

Celia Pacquola: Let Me Know How it All Works Out, until 25 Aug, Gilded Balloon Teviot, more info

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